In the beginning…

To say that starting this blog was an easy undertaking is a far cry from help.  Let me first begin by saying that I have always considered myself a Christian.  I have tried to do the right thing in every aspect of my life, I have gone to church, said my prayers, done more for others when it even meant tiring myself out.  Yes, fellow readers, dare I say that I even thought that believing that Jesus dying on the cross for my sins to get me into Heaven was enough.

But it wasn’t…

It wasn’t, because I did not know who I was as a Christian. It wasn’t, because I couldn’t stand and look at myself and have the perfect explanation for anyone in regards to my actions or decisions.  But then, wasn’t I a good person?  I went to church and followed God’s laws as best as I could.  Or did I?

Was I a Christian?  Were my decisions God based and not man based?  Did I follow God’s laws without any hesitation or questions?

No, no, and no.  And thus my journey began…


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